SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Mini Packs

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Date Added: 07/02/2016 by Lynn S.
I use 'soft nest standar' for my guinea pigs. Excellent bedding material. Strongly recommend. I orde...

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Date Added: 10/09/2015 by Beth Perry
The mini packs are great. 1 mini bale of finacard covers the bottom of my rat cage (furet xl) perfec...

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Date Added: 09/16/2012 by Pia Saari
Minipacks work perfectly for me and my two girls. The size is convenient as I can order just a coupl...

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Date Added: 01/01/2012 by Emma Ward
I received a sample of the sofnest paper flakes with my last finacard rat bedding order and they hav...

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