SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Horse Bedding: Diceabed Shredded Paper


For many years, horses were bedded on the readily available long wheat straw bedding.  However, times have changed and modern day straw is not of the same standard as this traditional long straw.

Recent farming practices have meant that long soft straw is now in short supply.


Modern straw is now very short and brittle as well as dusty. This type of bedding can encourage an environment for spores and moulds to thrive. This can then lead on to respiratory problems in horses and ponies.


Due to the problems with modern straw, new types of bedding have become prevalent recently. One of these new, safe beddings is Diceabed shredded paper horse bedding. This bedding is made from recycled paper otherwise discarded of. The paper is dust extracted and has several benefits over traditional bedding.


Diceabed is incredibly hygienic as it is allergen free and contains no harmful toxins.  The bedding doesn’t irritate the skin and is perfect for horses recovering from illness.  The bedding is very good at insulating, is absorbent and keeps your horse dry and warm. Diceabed is economical, has green credentials and can be disposed of easily through composting.




We can deliver large as well as small quantities. Please contact us for a quote.


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