SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Papelit 100% Paper Cat/Animal Litter Pellets

Papelit 100% paper cat/animal litter pellets is the environmentally friendly alternative to mineral, clay and silica based litters. The cat litter is made from 100% paper from a renewable source. The process recycles reusable products that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Papelit 100% paper cat litter is organic and biodegradable and contains no chemical additives making it as safe as possible for your pets.

Papelit 100% paper cat litter offers excellent odor control and is ultra absorbent having ability to soak up over three times its own weight in moisture.

The cat litter is dust extracted and is non toxic so as to provide a healthier environment.

Papelit 100% paper cat litter is formulated such that tracking is minimized to provide a cleaner environment.

The 100% paper cat litter is totally natural with no fragrance added, making it healthier for your pets.

Disposal of soiled Papelit cat litter is easier.

As Papelit is extremely absorbent and very good at masking odours, it can be also used as bedding/substrate for small animals. Under normal circumstances, when Papelit gets wet, it does not break up into dust particles like wood pellets nor does it expand significantly. This is very important for small animals as their nose would be very near the bedding and if the bedding were to get dusty, the animal invariably would be inhaling the dust. This in time will effect their respiratory system. Another point to bear in mind when using Papelit as a bedding/substrate is that it s produced from 100% paper with no chemical additives. There is no sawdust or other bulking agent used in producing Papelit. This makes Papelit as safe as possible to use as bedding/substrate. This is very important as the animals will be in direct contact with the product for long period of time.

  • Made With 100% Paper.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Excellent Odor Control.
  • Dust Extracted.
  • No Fragrance Added.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Low Tracking.
  • Organic and Biodegradable.
  • Does not break down into dust when it gets wet.
  • Does not expand significantly when it gets wet.
  • No Chemical additives.

If you are a commercial organisation or a breeder and would like to purchase in bulk then please contact us for a quote.

Finacard paper pellets can be ordered online here

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