SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Gerbil & Mouse Bedding

Finacard Animal Bedding

Finacard animal bedding is made using off-cuts from  the cardboard box-manufacturing industry, ensuring that the bedding is as clean as possible.

Our bales weigh approximately 15kg each and measure approximately 50cm x 32cm x 50cm

Finacard bedding is different from other bedding as it finely SHREDDED and SOFTENED.

During the production process FinaCARD is dust extracted.

Finacard bedding is an environmentally friendly alternative to woodshavings. It provides a healthy, clean environment for all small animals.

This bedding is perfect for providing your mice and gerbils with extra comfort and for allowing them to forage, chew and tunnel.

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Gerbil / Mouse Finacard Two Bales

Gerbil / Mouse Finacard Two Bales

This listing is for two Finacard Bales.  

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Gerbil / Mouse Finacard Three Bales

Gerbil / Mouse Finacard Three Bales

This listing is for three Finacard Bales.

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