SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Hamster Bedding

SoftaCARD, Papelit and Sofnest - A remarkable trio to provide a happy healthy environment for your hamsters.

Hamsters are intelligent, inquisitive, friendly and cuddly pets that bond with you. They are quite easy and cheap to keep. They need a lovely big cage, a good quality substrate, a good quality litter, a comfortable nesting material, They also need a good quality hamster mix and lots of toys to play with and of course plenty of attention.

The most widely used and available hamster bedding is sawdust and woodshavings. Woodshavings are cheap and readily available and hence is the most commonly used bedding. But is that something which is healthy for your hamsters?

One of the recent addition to the list of hamster bedding is SoftaCARD hamster bedding. SoftaCARD hamster bedding is produced from UNUSED VIRGIN CLEAN eggboxes. It is finely shredded in such a manner that it is suitable to use as hamster bedding.

SoftaCARD hamster bedding has many advantages and some among them are that it is:

dust extracted

smell free


extremely soft

absorbs smells

very absorbent

encourages natural hamster behaviour of digging, tunneling and nest building.

environmentally friendly

composts easily


The fact that SoftaCARD is very soft and extremely economical is sometimes not appreciated. First thoughts about this bedding is that it will be rough, harsh and uncomfortable bedding. However, the way SoftaCARD is produced makes the bedding extremely soft. One has to handle the bedding  to appreciate how soft it is. With virtually no sharp edges and a very springy bedding, your hamsters will love to dig and tunnel. Regarding the economics of using SoftaCARD, a bale will work out a lot cheaper then shop bought woodshavings, even though the bale will be bought on line.

In certain situation you may find that the odour control is not good enough. In that situation, Papelit paper pellets will be very usefull. If you put a thin layer of Papelit under a layer of SoftaCARD, you will find the odour control will be greatly improved.

Papelit paper pellets are paper which has been compressed into pellets and they are extremely good at absorbing smell and liquid. They do not expand and break into dust like wood based pellets do and are safe even if your hamster decides to chew on one. Papelit pellets are ideal for litter tray.

Sofnest nesting material comes in three different types - short shredded, flakes and paper flakes. Try them all for  nesting and see which one your hamster likes the most. They are all very soft, allergy free and make a lovely warm and cosy nest.

If you purchase the SoftaCARD combination bundle which consists of Maxibale, Papelit and Sofnest Standard you will provide your hamster with a very comfortable environment.


Remember :

          Finacard for the bottom of cage

          Papelit for the litter tray

            Sofnest for the igloo/sleeping area.





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