SoftaCARD is a Dust extracted animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

SoftaCARD Animal Bedding

Finacard cardboard bedding is currently unavailable, so a new exciting product has replaced it.

Traditionally, for small animals the most common form of bedding/substrate has been woodshavings. They have been readily available and have been relatively inexpensive. Of recent, woodshavings have become a lot more expensive and questions have been raised regarding its suitability for small animals, especially soft wood pine shavings. Now various alternatives to shavings are available. One of the alternative is SoftaCARD  shredded eggboxes animal bedding.

Thought of shredded eggboxes conjures up thoughts of broken eggs, egg yolk etc etc with in the bedding. No not with SoftaCARD. SoftaCard is produced from eggboxes which have not been used. They are as clean as possible with virtually no risk of contaminants. So sorry there will be NO egg yolk in SoftaCARD bedding.

SoftaCARD   bedding is an environmentally friendly alternative to woodshavings. It provides a healthier, cleaner enviornment for all small animals.

SoftaCARD  animal bedding is produced from virgin unused eggboxes, ensuring that the bedding is as clean as possible. SoftaCARD   bedding is very different from other  bedding. It is finely shredded bedding. The way it is produced makes it much more springy and livelier. It tends to be a lot more bouncier than other bedding.

During the production process, SoftaCARD is dust extracted. The process makes the bedding virtually dust free. This provides a cleaner, healthier enviornment for your animals. Most small animals have a very sensitive respiratory system and dusty enviornment trigger off respiratory infections. Being dust extracted, SofaCARD minimises this dust hazzard.

SoftCARD  animal bedding is highly absorbent and efficient bedding and is good at odour control. It masks smell well. Being paper based, SoftaCARD animal bedding enjoys good insulating properties keeping your animals warm and comfortable.

Small animals do tend to enjoy digging and burrowing. SoftaCARD animal bedding will allow your animals to do exactly that. Also you can hide treats in SoftaCARD and your animals will enjoy looking for it. You can increase your pets enjoyment by scatter feeding. Scatter feeding, burrowing and digging assists in natural behaviour.

SoftaCARD  bedding is good at odour control. However, if you want to improve the odour control, we suggest that you use SoftaCARD  bedding in combination with Papelit. Put a thin layer of Papelit under SoftaCARD and you will find that the odour control will further improve.

If your animals are litter trained then, we suggest you use Papelit 100% paper litter in the litter tray. It is important that the litter you use in the litter tray is different from the substrate you use at the bottom of cage. Therefore, we suggest that you use FinaCARD animal bedding as a substrate and Papelit in the litter tray.

Sofnest paper wool is soft nesting material which your animals will enjoy in the sleeping area.

Remember for your animals enjoyment and welfare use :

SoftaCARD animal bedding as a substrate.

Papelit paper litter in the litter tray.

Sofnest in the sleeping area.

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